How often do you sharpen your axe?

The story goes something like this… A gentleman was walking through the woods one afternoon and he comes across a man chopping down a tree. From posture and drenched brow, it was clear that the man had been there for a considerable amount of time…

After greeting the man he discovered that he had in fact been there all day and was completely overwhelmed by the task at hand.

“Why don’t you take a few minutes to sharpen your axe?” the gentleman asked him. To which the man replied “I would, but I simply don’t have the time!”

It sounds so silly when you read it the story, but so often we respond in exactly the same way. We at BRAND Navigator are taking stock, sharpening our axe you could say. We are evaluating processes, developing new models to our business and creating new ways to give real value to our target market.

Who is our target market you may ask?

We are unique in that we can add value to almost any company, however we mainly focus on businesses who are too small or too lean, for a full-time marketing team. We combine the value that a below-the-line advertising agency and marketing team would offer, and offer it to clients on an  “as and when needed” basis.

We collaborate with a number of companies to give the correct solution for each project and work within client’s existing supplier base.

If you feel that there are opportunities we could offer each other, please give me a call and we could discuss how to take things further.

Until next time,


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